the stavesIf The Staves were to play anywhere in Scotland’s capital it could only ever be The Pleasance theatre, it is a match made in heaven for the three sisters from Hertfordshire. With their debut album just been released and a “terrifying” appearance on Jools Holland, The Staves treated the sold out theatre to a breathtakingly beautiful set.

Opening with ‘Icarus’ a B-side on the ‘Mexico EP’ one instantly begins to understand what is so brilliant about the three piece. Where they lack with their music ability they make up with their top trump which is their blood harmonies. The voice of each sister compliments the other twos voices perfectly in such a way it almost gives you the shivers.

The three-piece went on to play a selection of tracks from their debut album including ‘The Motherlode’, ‘Pay Us No Mind’ and ‘Mexico’; all in which the audience listened to attentively.

With the high standard of mid-tempo folk rock it is no wonder the sisters from Watford have been pulled along on tours with the likes of Bon Iver and The Civil Wars and I wouldn’t be shocked if The Staves go on to sell out larger theatres all around the world just like the bands that they have supported.

Overall Rating : 4/5